erik nikolaus martin

I’m currently studying at Oxford University, at the Oxford Internet Institute. I previously worked at Unity, and before that the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, during the last two years of the Obama Administration.

The thing I'm most passionate about right now is fixing our digital public sphere -- here’s a piece I wrote for the Washington Post on this topic: https://wapo.st/2XEXeDq

I was originally drawn into tech policy and media issues because I co-ran a pretty large World of Warcraft guild in high school, and we are talking real-life-relationships-created levels of hardcore gaming. WoW is a nerdy toxic place, but it was formative for many reasons, not least of all was being able to find/come out to other queer people while living in rural Maryland, which is a quite common experience among queer youths these days. In college (University of Maryland, College Park) I was a student activist with Student Voice, and met people who cared about what I cared about at the U.S. Department of Education and then the White House OSTP, where I worked full time after graduating as a Policy Advisor. After the Obama Admin ended, I went to work at the Danish game-engine company Unity as Senior Education Program Manager, and after that I decided to head back to school at Oxford University to study a master’s in Social Science of the Internet (you can do that now!) at the Oxford Internet Institute. It could be a longer story, but that’s really the gist.

I have lots of other projects, which is probably β€œbad,” but personally I find that having lots of sort of β€œone-off” projects functions like mental play-doh β€” you mush things together and discard bits to figure out what you can make, and what you actually want to make. To others it probably looks eclectic and confused, and it is, but the people who will eagerly jump into that mess are the best you can find, imo.

Feel free to drop me a line on twitter or wherever suits you :)